“Praise God from whom all blessings flow…” Julie, Jeff, and Madison are feeling especially blessed this year. Here are ten of the reasons why we are giving thanks in 2016:
10 – Firefighters are sacrificing their time with their families and risking their lives today to control the wildfires in our region
9 – Sunrise Farm B&B’s 25th Anniversary and our 10th Anniversary as your innkeepers
8 – Our beloved 4-legged friends on the farm.
7 – An amazing and extended autumn color season
6 – We are surrounded by natural beauty and endless hiking opportunities
5 – Lake Jocassee is only 10 minutes from SFBB
4 – We are healthy
3 – We live in a free country
2- We have THE BEST, most gracious guests
1 – The God of the universe, who meets all of our needs, sent His Son to this earth to save us from our sins and to give us eternal life in heaven, where all of the wonderful things listed above will be but a shadow of the immeasurable blessings yet to come!